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Victoria Falls is a beautiful waterfall located on the Zambezi River in southern Africa at the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. The Victoria Falls is almost two times wider and deeper than the Niagara Falls thus it is known as the largest fall in the world. The noise that the fall creates can be heard from a distance of forty kilometres. 


The Reed Flute Caves is one of the popular tourist attraction in Guilin, Guangxi in China. It is also known as the Palace of Natural Arts and is a natural limestone cave that contains multi-coloured lighting. With such great lighting, you will seriously find this place not only pleasing to look at but will also find it to look like a concert where the stone pillars, rock formations and stalactites becomes the entertainer. 


A prehistoric monument situated in Wiltshire called the Stonehenge, consist of a ring of standing stones. Each of the standing stones around seven feet wide and 13 feet high. By being one of the most popular landmarks in the United Kingdom, it is also regarded as the British Cultural icon. Since 1882, this landmark is legally protected by the Scheduled Ancient Monument .


Salar de Uyuni is one of the most amazing sites to see in this world filled with varieties of stunning and equally beautiful locations. This largest salt flat stretches around 10,582 square kilometres and has a very beautiful mirror view. The mirror view is generally created when a certain at a certain time of the year when the nearby lakes overflow, forming a layer of water on the crust of the salt thereby creating a reflection of the sky on the ground. 

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is any photographer’s dream place to visit. Situated in the American Southwest, it lies on the Navajo land east of Page in Arizona.  This beautiful slot Canyon includes two different sets of slot canyon sections. One is called the Upper Antelope Canyon and the other Lower Antelope Canyon where both of them are equally gorgeous to look at from the naked eye.