5 Most Amazing Historical University Buildings

5 Most Amazing Historical University Buildings!

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Getting a seat in top universities and colleges have always been a pressure and such a tough competition for any student. For getting a seat, a student always prepares and sometimes pray to become a part of a powerful and extraordinary universities/colleges that has all the facilities of studies and extracurricular activities.
Many of the top historical buildings in the world belong to the Universities and colleges. Colleges/Universities that are a part of Historical buildings, give students a freedom to experience the history and relive the moment.

University College at Durham University:

Durham University, also known as the Castle was constructed way back in time in the year 1072 to showcase the power of the Norman King in the North of England. Built in 11th century, it is one of the oldest buildings that is still in use and is equally giving tough competition to other Universities.
Apart from its magnificent beauty from the outside Durham University has an equally beautiful look from the inside. The building includes a great hall for dining, a library, an undercroft and the two chapels called the 1540 Tunstall Chapel and the 1078 Norman Chapel. In today’s time, this University hosts more than 100 students and celebrates various occasions and activities throughout the year.

Cambridge University:

The perfect imagery of a university in a movie, Cambridge University showcases a royalty and mesmerizing beauty in the same frame. This University was founded 1209, making it the fourth-oldest surviving university in the whole world.
In 2018, according to all major league tables, Cambridge University got its place as one of the top-ranked university in the United Kingdom. In this University, the examination results get published in an alphabetic order within the classroom.

Michigan Union:

Built in 1817, Michigan Union is one of the Michigan’s most astonishing and easily distinguishable landmarks. Located at the intersecting region of the South University Avenue and the South State Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan Union gives a historical yet a powerful vibe to the whole town.
Apart from its iconic built, Michigan Union is also known for its two statues, one at the left and the second one on the right. On the right side there is a statue of a scholar that faces towards the central and the north campus, to showcase the home of the student at the University of Michigan. On its left side is a statue of an athlete who is facing towards the south campus to show the athletic fields.

Indian Institute of Advanced Study:

Built in 1840, Indian Institute of Advanced Study is one of the great historical buildings in the world. This building originally was constructed for the British Governors-General that later became a research institute for students.
This Institute was designed by an architect of Public Works Department, Henry Irwin. The exteriors of the building are made from a stonework and a wrought iron. Apart from its colonial and government history, this institute got its formal inauguration by Professor S. Radhakrishnan on 20th of October in 1965.

Trinity University:

Famous for its old and long library containing books more than 200,000, this University is located at the heart of the Dublin. This library contains some of the oldest of the oldest books in the history, ranging from all the popular classics to all the new genres of today’s book. This library also contains great manuscripts like the Book of Durrow, Books of Howth, Book of Kells and many more.
This historical building is also known as the home of the Long Room and is also one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ireland.

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